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Pre-Check Personal/Household effects

Requirments for duty free allowance

Personal Effects

Personal effects are private owned goods that importer brings into or out of the Kingdom of Thailand. These goods applied for the duty and tax exemption must be imported within the specific period of time (1 month prior or 6 months after the arrival of the importer).

Please note that these do not include the goods that imported by person who reside in the Kingdom of Thailand or goods that sent from another country as a gift.

Household Effects

Household Effects are goods which are normally necessary to equip a self-contained home e.g. furniture, home appliances, kitchenwares, and similar household furnishing, etc. that importer brings into the Kingdom of Thailand in case of changing residence. These household effects must be imported within 1 month prior or 6 months after the arrival of the importer. To be eligible for tax and duty free allowance, the importer is required to have owned, possessed, and used the household effects before the importer return to the Kingdom of Thailand to resume residence. The goods imported for commercial purpose are not eligible as household effects.

However, motor vehicles and their parts, firearms and ammunitions, musical instruments, and sports equipment are subject to applicable taxes and duties.

Requirements for duty allowance

The duty free allowance will be applied to used personal effects. Both Thai and non-Thai changing residence into the Kingdom of Thailand are eligible to bring used household effects into the country free of taxes and duties. The shipment must be arrived within 1 month prior or 6 months after the arrival of the importer. This information only aims to provide general guidance. It does not any way replace or supersede Customs and related laws or regulations.

In case where the household effects are electrical appliances, only ONE unit each of such items is eligible for tax and duty free allowance. However, if it is the family change of residence, TWO units each of the items will be allowed to bring in tax and duty free. Any excess unit shall be subject to regular taxes and duties, and Customs will place the items that have the lowest rate of duty under tax and duty exemption.


The importation of restricted used personal effects and household effects requires a written permission from the relevant government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, or the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservative Department.

For more information please contact. : Suvarnabhumi Airport Cargo Clearance Customs Bureau
Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540 Thailand
Telephone number : 02-134-1246
E-Mail Address : 68000100@customs.go.th

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